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Looking At The World Through The Eyes of Another

How we view the world, depends upon what type of lens we experience it through

Capturing images can be used as a unique way to express how we see the world, or how we think the world should be viewed. Highlighting aspects of the human condition, the relationship between society and our environment, people doing amazing things; we as creatives strive to showcase life in creative ways through photography and videos.

Not surprisingly, my first camera that I could call my own was the original GoPro Hero, which I used to take selfies while fishing and record low quality ski edits. I enjoyed messing around with these pictures in free editing software, and my lack of ability was apparent. I would blow out the saturation and leave the pictures pixelated, among other things.

Looking back on my photos from when I first started taking them makes me laugh. I thought I was taking high quality pictures, but actually I was using a potato camera and over-processing my pictures. Everyone has to start somewhere though, and the first GoPro was the first brick in my photography foundation.

Wind River Canyon, when I first started to pick up a camera. Shit quality and horrible editing.

Honing my photography and videography skills has been a process. I upgraded cameras to a GoPro 3+, a Canon Rebel T5, and a Google Pixel phone. Recently, I bought a flexible tripod to use for long exposure shots and time-lapse videos. I feel like I am just scratching the surface of what is possible with the cameras that I now have.

Exploring other photographers on the internet helps give me inspiration, ideas, and tips about how I can grow as a producer and content creator. Most often when I send a direct message on Instagram to a photographer, they message back within that day to answer my questions or give little snippets of advice, which I find very helpful.

Technology of today has allowed the sharing of incredible photos everyday via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. These networks have allowed humans to see potentially anywhere in the world by simply clicking a location or hashtag. I believe this is the closest thing humans have invented to a teleporter! If you imagine yourself taking that same picture, on your own phone, and squint your eyes enough then you can take your mind anywhere around the globe.

Teleportation in the current era

Connectivity has ignited a global revolution, to save the very places that we live and play. The previous generations had no virtually clue what existed in the world before the internet, besides what they saw in person or the news, movies, and TV. Now that humans have the potential to realize what exists in the world, and how humans are destroying it via globalization, people are more motivated than ever to travel and take pictures to share online. Helping highlight exotic locations around the globe, to spark some feeling within people looking at that destination on their phone, could be an important thing for our world.

Within the next five years I think we will see these social networks start to have an influence over society’s views on the outdoors. We need to create a future that we want to live in; not some future that was created by the past, while we sat back and complained. Social media and the internet has created the ability to reach more people than ever before, the exchange of ideas across the world is instant. We should harness this power for positive change.

One of my goals in life is to use my cameras to help highlight the natural beauty of the world that we must work to preserve. Sharing images online is a very powerful medium due to the number of people you can potentially reach.

Teaming up with other like-minded environmentally conscious people from around the country and around the world is going to be the way that we create the change that we wish to see in the world. Send a message to someone who is inspiring online and see if they respond, it never hurts to try!

You Haven't Taught, Until They Have Learned

Teaching is the best way to learn. You would know this if you have ever taught anyone anything.

Teaching requires extensive knowledge and a little bit of practical experience. The process of teaching people allows you to further analyze the process of learning.

As a kid, I was taught how to ski and snowboard by my Dad. He had never stepped on a snowboard himself, but he studied other riders on the hill while he was skiing and passed his knowledge on to me. After three years of snowboarding, I challenged my Dad to try it for the first time to prove he wasn’t just all talk.

By lunch he was carving and by the end of the day he was doing expert runs. This shows how teaching someone else can actually teach yourself.

This analogy can be applied to a variety of situations, but the principle remains the same. Be open to learning and be willing to teach others when they need a hand.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein

#LDT: Learn, Do, Teach

“Eventually everything connects — People, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality.” -Charles Eames

The process of learning is a basic component of any relationship . The mentor/mentee relationship is how people have learned since the beginning of time. Parents may be teaching their children, managers training their employees, or teachers instructing their students; whatever the case may be, the Learn Do Teach (#LDT) model is the best way to network and create meaningful relationships.

Learning a skill requires time to be spent with someone who already has that expertise. They have learned at one time, taken action to affirm their knowledge, and then become a teacher so that they can automate their processes.

Currently I am learning from Dennis Yu about how to become a digital marketing consultant a.k.a Facebook ad pro. The process is complicated and requires a certain mindset to continually learn from those around you while teaching others what you have found through experience.

Lots of people are afraid to ask for help. So many experts exist in every field, all it takes is a simple inquiry to gain some knowledge. Personally I reached out to Drew Peterson, a skier whom I admire and asked his advice. He responded with a few lengthy paragraphs with wisdom and inspiration.

Completing the process of Learn –> Do –> Teach will allow you to create a network of like-minded people who you can grow together with. All it takes is asking someone a question, reaching out to someone who you respect. In the technology age, networking and connecting to those whom we admire is the easiest it has been in human history. People are willing to share their knowledge, but it takes the action of asking first.

I reached out to Dennis and asked if he could help me. That was Step 1, but nothing would have happened had I not reached out and asked to learn what he has to offer. The first step to failure is not taking action, so go reach out to someone who provides inspiration whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Chances are you will get a thoughtful response if you pose thoughtful questions, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how technology can benefit you. Most people who have an online presence are not trying to hide from fans, so go ahead and reach out to make a new connection.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” -African Proverb