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Ski Team Six: Protectors of Winter


If YOU want to team up with the prestigious unit, known as Ski Team Six, then get ready for the time of your life. We are fresh on the scene to take the media pressure off the now-famous SEAL Team Six, by completing missions in the mountains on skis; finding lost members, conducting safety meetings, snow sampling, protecting winter, and even investigating the infamous “shack shitter” who was lurking around Big Sky this past season.

Admiral RR with some Blue Steel

Members include Colonel Shreddington, The Blase’ Commander, Windlips, The Gaptain, Captain Kerlz, Private First Class Foster, First Lieutenant Leflay, Admiral R.R. and many more.

To get signed up, just go to one of the many shacks located throughout Big Sky. However squad members must be present to put you through basic training. You can also contact a member of Ski Team Six so that we can set-up a recruitment meeting by sending a smoke signal.

Members of Ski Team Six hiking to investigate the Dirtbag Party 2017 at Big Sky

The Search for Snow video series will detail our missions as we look to prolong winter. Here is episode 1, featuring a few different days in the mountains.


On a more serious note, we are looking to help prolong winter for this year and many years to come. We are protecting winter, it’s in our job description.

If you want to help future generations of shredders, sign up for Protect Our Winters and get involved. Here is a list of things you can do in your daily life to help reduce your personal carbon footprint and save the powder for yourself and for everyone! Thanks!



Big Sky: Big Mountain, Big Skiing, Big Fun

If you have never been to Montana, don’t go! Let me and my friends enjoy the endless beauty of the Rocky Mountains all to ourselves. I’m kidding of course, but Montana is the USA’s best kept secret. The mountains are the calling card, but the people are key to making it feel like home.

This winter was a hootin’ hollering’ good time. I got to ski everyday while earning a meager wage, the chosen life of a ski bum. On my off days I would explore the mountain with new friends. Shack hunting was a great time everyday because the locals who you encounter would always be a positive smiling face. The community in Big Sky is like nothing I have ever seen. Lone peak is huge, but not many people are pass holders. This allows a tight knit local community to flourish in-between the tourists and millionaires that keep the place afloat.

If you are looking for a great ski vacation, look no further than Big Sky because they have every type of terrain. A beginner area is available at both base areas, but most people come for the big mountain skiing. The steeps can be accessed via the Challenger or Headwaters lifts, and the Lone Peak tram takes you to the top for 360 degree views. Skiing or snowboarding off the summit requires some expertise, but beginners can ride the tram up just for a picture and then ride down. They also have two terrain parks for those looking to “shred the gnar”.

Even when there is no new snow, the wind can blow snow from surrounding areas and provide soft snow. Just ask ski patrol and their avalanche dogs where the skiing is the best and they will point you in the right direction! Big Sky is located an hour from Bozeman where you can fly into.

There are never any lift lines except for maybe Christmas, but when you are away from the base area it feels like you never see anyone else. Hotels at the base area are very swanky and have ski-and-stay packages, but there are lower priced options elsewhere. If you have a large group, consider renting a ski-in ski-out house or hillside condo.

Come one, come all, Big Sky will not disappoint!