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Monthly ArchiveMarch 2017

Creating Content Continually Cultivates Contentception

Have you ever created something that you felt the whole world should see? Whether it be that snowman you built when you were 5, or the Masters thesis you finished after a few YEARS, we all have creative content that we have out hard work into.

Getting the word out about your creativity though is the hard part it seems these days. There are the “famous” people on the internet, but how exactly did they make it to the top? Is their content really that much better, or are they just using the correct strategies to promote and share their work? The answer to these questions is using psychology to better understand your target audience. Targeting the people who are power users, or influencers can be a great way to start. These are people are have authority and are getting quality likes and shares on content that they share or post.

The key to creating content, is to make it something that power users want to share with their friends, without sounding like they are trying to promote. If power users, or influencers, share your content with their Facebook friends, it is more likely to be a successful campaign when promoted, than a post that doesn’t get shared without the boost.

You want people to share your content because they feel compelled to, not because you tell them to. This means that the content must be legit. Videos should be shot and edited nicely if you want them shared to a wider network. Video is the most important driver to social media right now. Short clips that are about 30 seconds long are the best for getting a message out to an audience before they lose interest and click out.

As long as you churn out good content, others will want to share it if you promote it to the right influencers. Build on the ideas of others and use their skill to benefit your projects and vice versa.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein


Getting Yourself Noticed YUsing Micro-targeting

Have you ever wanted to control the audience that you are presenting yourself or your brand to? Sure you have. You have applied for jobs at companies, but did the people at the company know who you were before you walked in the door? No. But micro-targeting is your solution!

Micro-targeting on Facebook is a strategy that was taught to me by Dennis Yu. can be used to show ads to a very small specific audience, such as everyone who works at a digital marketing firm such as BlitzMetrics, or an even smaller audience targeting specific positions like the CEO of BlitzMetrics and CTO of BlitzMetrics to get noticed for pennies on the dollar.

To be able to execute a small operation like this takes a lot of set-up first. You have to have the “digital plumbing” in place in order to make your advertisement effective. There has to be a call to action within the ad which gets someone to click on it or call you directly because your phone number is on the ad. If you are landing your audience on an unfinished Facebook page, then they will instantly click out. On your Facebook page, you must have options for people to take action. Depending on your goals, you can have them like your page, contact you, or purchase items directly with a storefront set-up.

This example of micro-targeting the high ups at BlitzMetrics shows how the Facebook advertising structure can be utilized to show ads to very specific people. If you know who you want to see your advertisement, their position at a specific company can be targeted in the Facebook ad manager.

Try it for yourself! Set-up your Facebook page and target someone specific for a few cents. Happy micro-targeting!

#LDT: Learn, Do, Teach

“Eventually everything connects — People, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality.” -Charles Eames

The process of learning is a basic component of any relationship . The mentor/mentee relationship is how people have learned since the beginning of time. Parents may be teaching their children, managers training their employees, or teachers instructing their students; whatever the case may be, the Learn Do Teach (#LDT) model is the best way to network and create meaningful relationships.

Learning a skill requires time to be spent with someone who already has that expertise. They have learned at one time, taken action to affirm their knowledge, and then become a teacher so that they can automate their processes.

Currently I am learning from Dennis Yu about how to become a digital marketing consultant a.k.a Facebook ad pro. The process is complicated and requires a certain mindset to continually learn from those around you while teaching others what you have found through experience.

Lots of people are afraid to ask for help. So many experts exist in every field, all it takes is a simple inquiry to gain some knowledge. Personally I reached out to Drew Peterson, a skier whom I admire and asked his advice. He responded with a few lengthy paragraphs with wisdom and inspiration.

Completing the process of Learn –> Do –> Teach will allow you to create a network of like-minded people who you can grow together with. All it takes is asking someone a question, reaching out to someone who you respect. In the technology age, networking and connecting to those whom we admire is the easiest it has been in human history. People are willing to share their knowledge, but it takes the action of asking first.

I reached out to Dennis and asked if he could help me. That was Step 1, but nothing would have happened had I not reached out and asked to learn what he has to offer. The first step to failure is not taking action, so go reach out to someone who provides inspiration whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Chances are you will get a thoughtful response if you pose thoughtful questions, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how technology can benefit you. Most people who have an online presence are not trying to hide from fans, so go ahead and reach out to make a new connection.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” -African Proverb

DAD strategy on Facebook: Dollar A Day Advertising

No I am not talking about making Dad jokes to your Facebook friends!

Spending money on advertising is a key part of business. To grow your sales and have people find out about your products/services, businesses must use advertising. Spending a dollar a day on advertising is a great way to start utilizing the huge database of online information, also known as Facebook.

However most companies are doing it wrong in this modern tech age. They are using their budgets in the entirely wrong way to build a customer base. Dennis Yu has been implementing the Dollar A Day strategy on Facebook in order to build up the right client base. His company BlitzMetrics uses analytics to micro-target within companies. Finding the right influencers can take trial and error, with hundreds of ad copies. This tinkering can lead to impressive results though when the data is used correctly.

Dennis has used this strategy to help small and large businesses. Right now he is working with the Golden State Warriors; through their Facebook page and online store, they have been able to grow their online sales simply by targeting key influencers.

Promotion on Facebook is all about finding the right people to endorse, review, and talk about your company. Creating conversations within the social space is the point of social, and in order to tap into this giant market you have to use analytics to see where you want to spend your advertising budget.

Using a Dollar A Day strategy is a great way to get started in the social advertising space. Once you have the plumbing set-up, you can begin to scale up once you see results at a smaller stage. Let me know if you would like to read more about this advertising strategy in the comments.

I would like to thank Dennis for introducing me to this concept. If you would like to read more, you can go to his full guide on Dollar A Day Facebook Strategy here: https://blitzmetrics.com/fdd/ 

Go Live on Facebook: Tips and Tricks

Are you living? Do you want to live on Facebook? No, of course not. But what about going Live on Facebook? How can people and businesses use this new tool to drive their brand?

This is the newest feature that Facebook has provided for users to live stream themselves similar to Periscope or Instagram Live. Some brands have had small time success such as Barstool Sports with over 10k live viewers at once. Others get little to no viewers, or sometimes Facebook will boost live feeds to millions of users. The concept remains the same though, good content is needed to keep viewers watching, commenting, and sharing the live video.

Recently Facebook has announced it will provide some ad sharing to users who are utilizing Facebook live, which gives power users a motivator to keep going live. “folks who have over 2,000 followers and can get at least 300 people to watch one of their live broadcasts concurrently. Facebook will share 55% of the ad revenues with live broadcasters”. This could turn into a revenue stream for some, but not many users can garner this type of attention on their broadcasts.

Tips for Live Broadcasts:

  • Have a plan before you go live. Watching someone fumble on air is the worst, know what purpose you are going Live for and execute.
  • Build the audience for a couple minutes. No one is going to tune in exactly in the first 15-20 seconds because Facebook needs to notify people that you are going Live. It also helps to tell people beforehand what time you will be Live.
  • Make sure to have a strong connection. I have tried to go Live from the Lift a couple times and my weak connection resulted in the video and audio not matching up.
  • Engage the audience and thank them for watching. Have them comment on the video saying where they are watching from, and possibly share it if they are enjoying the content.
  • Go Live more often. Frequency can help users who may be on Facebook at different times of day.

Now that businesses can get some money from Facebook for simply having a certain number of users and people watching, I expect to see a jump in the number of live broadcasts. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. There will now be more broadcasts to choose from, effectively limiting the amount of potential viewers for each broadcast.

We will see how this plays out, but happy streaming in the meantime!

Learning A New Language

To progress in life, we must constantly learn new languages. Whether it be your native language, or the language of love, we must constantly adapt and grow in order to keep up with the pace of the modern tech world.

Internet marketing is no different, with vocabulary and acronyms that make no sense to the naked eye. Businesses need to learn how to use the internet to benefit them, instead of just having a website for people to write complaints on. Social media can be a huge boost to a business if used correctly.

However, many businesses try to use the language that they know, business, and apply it to internet marketing and social media. This is where they are wrong, they are trying to speak a different language to their customers. Using the basic MMA (Metrics, Analysis, Action) model [Link to dennis] can help to create measurable results for a company.

Using the tools available on the internet to complete checklists can leverage advertising surrounding your online presence and in turn increase brand awareness, website clicks, conversions, and sales.

Learning this new language of online digital marketing is something that businesses in 2017 are having a hard time adjusting to. They are using methods that used to work five to ten years ago. But now companies are seeing their competitors keep growing while they maintain at a stagnant pace.

Understanding how the whole process of internet marketing works is important for creating a trusted and well reputable online presence for a brand.

I am learning this new language and and willing to help others along the way. If you want to learn how to use the internet to leverage your business you can contact me at 7209383099.