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Monthly ArchiveMarch 2017

Manage Your Day-To-Day, Maximize Your Potential, Make Your Mark

“Anything is possible” is a cliche inspirational quote, but when creating you must have this specific mindset.

Whether it be a keyboard, a camera, a microphone, or a canvas, you have to dream for yourself, and you can dream anything you want! Take action on your dreams; capture your best-ever photo, write a thank you letter to a special person in your life, or simply doodle on a napkin while listening to some of your favorite music.


Take whatever you have been dreaming about and learn everything you can about that, do the necessary steps involved in becoming a master at that, and teach others along the way to cement your knowledge and reputation while creating a network of like-minded people.

Learning does not depend upon being in a classroom. Those who want to learn are those who will learn. Absorbing information like a sponge is the best way to constantly improve your capabilities and skills. Those who stay ignorant to the advice of others and the history of the world will only continue to repeat the same mistakes. Teaching others will reinforce the information for you and only increase your skill in whatever discipline you want. Some Chinese proverbs have messages similar to this, if you would like a good caption for your next Instagram photo.


Setting up a schedule for the day is an easy way to be more productive and use your time wisely. Most people choose to schedule their time around someone else’s work schedule, which is fine but not for everyone. Look at how you are using the hours of the day and consider changing up your schedule if possible. Eating, exercising, and sleeping are priority tasks obviously, while things like watching TV and browsing the internet are not. When you realize how much time you spend not actually doing anything, while scrolling on Facebook or binge watching the newest season of Shameless on Netflix, then it makes you wonder what you could do if you eliminated these things from your daily schedule. The Netflix and Chill mentality needs to turn into a Get Outside and Create mindset if you want to see a change in your life.


SMART Goals are the best tool for maximizing your potential (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Oriented). Everyone has dreams, but how many people have actually taken the time to write them down. Writing your goals on paper is the first step towards taking action. I posted my goals up on my bedroom door so that every morning I wake up and read what I am striving towards that day. Download a simple template that you can use to write down goals, broken up into three categories and three time periods.


Once you have printed out your goals and made a plan for what you want to do, the next step is to make your mark. Go collaborate, and listen to those who you want to work with. Break your goals down into small pieces and make a checklist. Complete every step on your checklist so that you can accomplish your goals, but also so you can set-up a process that other people can follow simply by using your checklist. Make your mark by marking every step of the checklist. When you reach the end you will have lots of little marks that will add up into a bigger mark. Eventually all of the little things you do will begin to chip away at the larger goals you have set for yourself. This is where setting measurable goals is key, because you have to be able to track your progress. Don’t be like my cat, Basil, and just lay on the couch all day; get up and take initiative to produce creative content.


If you think, therefore you are. Take a little time out of your day to think about and write down your goals. It is step one to living YOUR dream instead of being another cog in the machine of life.

The Thank You Machine: An Invention To Defeat The Robots

Increasingly in 2017 human jobs are being replaced by robots. Automation is helpful for businesses and CEO’s, but not for individual workers who are seeing their incomes disappear due to a smart computer or artificial intelligence of some kind.

One way that is crucial to overcoming this as an individual or brand is to say THANK YOU. If enough people with authority endorse you for helping them out, then you become an authority figure yourself.

Getting endorsements from high authority figures are so valuable because they are the most trusted ones on the internet. They have fans and followers, and they will appreciate if you help them out. When they help you out, simply say thank you and develop a relationship where you are endorsing others and receiving endorsements from others at a similar rate.

Collecting endorsements is good because you can display them on your website, such as Dennis Yu. He has a page on his website that is specifically for mentions because it shows authority within his industry to those who have not heard of him before. They may know one of the people who has endorsed him though and put more trust into Dennis based of what someone else said about him.

Once you get an endorsement and the permission from them to use it, you can boost it across all of your social media channels: website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+, etc. This will provide your audience a chance to see someone else patting you on the back on whatever social channel they are viewing on. If you get a high authority endorsement, then boosting that to micro-targeted audiences using a Dollar A Day strategy can lead to “the right” person reading about you, and possibly contacting you.

Defeating the robots will come down to rising above and providing something that robots will never be able to replicate. Being genuine and helping people for free can lead to relationships and further business opportunities in the future.

Thank you for reading 🙂

What is "Living The Dream"?

So often I hear people saying the phrase “living the dream” in response to how they are doing.

It’s almost always a lie.

People say it sarcastically because they don’t want to tell you how they actually feel. 

But what if they ARE living the dream, Andrew?

I think it’s still a lie. There is no singular dream that everyone wants. Everyone has unique dreams and aspirations, people are inspired differently. Living THE dream is being stuck in a thought box. Thinking outside the box is critical for dreams to become a reality. Those who think differently are the ones who begin to solve problems. These folks are constantly trying things that no one else has even thought about, which allows them to learn from failure and grow success through experimentation.

I think the phrase should be “Living My Dream” or just simply “Living”. This would make the most sense to have two categories. Those who have actually started living their own dreams and making them a reality; and those still stuck just living and dreaming who have failed to make a connection between the two.

When people ask where I live, I like to respond with “in the moment” instead of the city listed on my address. We are all living, or are we dying? Either way, I like to live in the moment. To me this means staying mindful about what is happening around me in my location and concurrently around the world. 

If you ever catch yourself saying that you are living THE dream, change it up and say living my dream. But only say it if you actually mean it. Most people have not taken action towards their dreams and goals. They will remain living the dream, while the rest of us take hold of life and start living our own dreams.

Go Collaborate and Listen

The next era of business is going to be different because companies can listen to the consumers and make changes right away. With the speed of communication, the world of business has changed. The companies that are excelling such as Uber and Square are fulfilling needs of their customers, while adapting quickly to changes in the market. Many people who used to be”experts” have faded because they did not keep up with technology.

Stopping to listen takes a certain level of patience. Not everything is going to be said in the first five minutes of a lecture, so you have to pay attention to the whole thing. Listening is a sign of respect, and you can tell if someone listens to you by giving them little quizzes every so often. Dennis Yu implements this technique to test potential clients.

Helping business change the way they operate their online marketing efforts is a benefit to everyone involved. They get to broadcast to a wider audience, increase sales, and learn how to adapt to the rate at which the business world is changing. As Gary V says “Give, Give, Give…Ask” which is basically saying that you shouldn’t be doing things for yourself. Do things for others, yet never stop learning along the way.

Stay focused on your goal, but don’t limit yourself. Having a wide range of skills is a good thing in today’s world, where adaptation to new methods of business is key.

Testing… One Two Three

Advertising online has a lot to do with psychology. Consumers online habits are constantly being tested and tinkered with by marketers who are trying to figure out the best way to drive engagement and sales. Along with the types of ads being shown, the target audiences are being tested to see which demographics respond best to certain types of ads. Micro-targeting is an effective way to test ads before scaling up to larger audiences.

On Facebook alone, there are many different ways to try and drive traffic into your conversion funnel. One of the most successful ways to do this in 2017 is to create short videos that are quality content worth sharing. This the key, and also the hardest part. Creating content all the time that is high quality requires constant hustle.

Once you have lots of content, you can play around with how you present it to the audience. You can run banner ads, boost video posts, or simply gain visibility by commenting on other pages with high authority (trust) online.
Sharing others work will get them share your work. Facebook is a multitude of things including a community, a database, and megaphone for promoting brands and businesses. Testing which ads work is the only way to get the megaphone effect of Facebook to work correctly.
Test it out first with organic posts to see what types of content your audience wants: videos, photos, blogs, polls, contests, etc. Then boost the most popular posts and see how they perform to a paid audience. Sponsored posts only work if they have a call to action such as liking the page, sharing the video, or buying the product. Starting small with the Dollar a Day Strategy helps businesses find the right type of fans and customers. Anyone can buy fake followers these days, but fake followers only really get you a bad reputation because it’s fairly easy to check.

Marketing is not a perfect science, especially in this new technology age, which requires lots of testing to see what works. Try making twenty different ad copies and test them to see what your audience likes and engages with.  Let me know what strategy works best for you!

Checklists and Courses: How To Start Running An Effective Online Marketing Campaign

So you want to run online advertising campaigns? Where do you think you should start?

It doesn’t matter, just start!! Take action and start getting the digital plumbing in place for yourself off your business. Facebook, along with a website, are important pieces to have in place if you want to be successful. Within these pages you must have a call to action on order to grow your fan base or make direct sales.

Facebook has turned into much more than just a social network, it is a database of information about almost everyone around the world. Dennis Yu is one of the first to realize and then utilize the feature that allows you to micro-target very specific audiences for your advertisements, bringing your costs down and bringing in high quality fans that want to talk about you to their followers.

Using the DAD Facebook strategy can be a great way to get started running campaigns on Facebook. Once you find an ad copy that performs well without a boost, then scale up and boost that post to get a wider audience for pennies per person.

If this sounds like something that you could benefit from, teach yourself by downloading the Dollar a Day Facebook Guide from Dennis. The amount of information is unbelievable for the price. He is practically giving away all his secrets for free so don’t miss out. The time is now to learn about online marketing.

Dennis providing insights to a group of students.

You Haven't Taught, Until They Have Learned

Teaching is the best way to learn. You would know this if you have ever taught anyone anything.

Teaching requires extensive knowledge and a little bit of practical experience. The process of teaching people allows you to further analyze the process of learning.

As a kid, I was taught how to ski and snowboard by my Dad. He had never stepped on a snowboard himself, but he studied other riders on the hill while he was skiing and passed his knowledge on to me. After three years of snowboarding, I challenged my Dad to try it for the first time to prove he wasn’t just all talk.

By lunch he was carving and by the end of the day he was doing expert runs. This shows how teaching someone else can actually teach yourself.

This analogy can be applied to a variety of situations, but the principle remains the same. Be open to learning and be willing to teach others when they need a hand.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein

Finding A Lighthouse

“Finding a Lighthouse” may seem like the title of a poem, but it’s what we are all searching for. It’s something that works!

A lighthouse client is one that you work with successfully to attain repeatable results. Then you can take your process and apply it to other businesses in the same field, but in a different location. 

This concept can be applied to many different examples, but the basic principle is that if you are successful you try to repeat what you did on a larger scale.

Finding a Lighthouse client can be as easy as looking in the yellow pages for a business that is obviously struggling with it’s marketing. Help them and teach them the process. Once you have a solid client, such as a local barber, you can get referrals and do the same thing to other barbers in different areas around the state or country.

Once you find a lighthouse, you will see the light.

Do You Have A Good Relationship With Time?

Clocks tick at the same rate all across the world.

Yet people are not clocks. Everyone lives life at a different rate, and everyone values their time in much different ways. For example, some people sleep less in order to get their shit done, pardon my french.  Some people such as professional athletes sleep up to twelve hours a day in order to rest their body and feel at their peak when performing. 

Scheduling time is an important skill to have. Everyone can plan ahead and schedule their time for vacations, but why do people not plan their day to be more productive? Using my time carefully is something I struggle with at times, getting lost in some good music or a sports game. Productivity is possible if you plan precisely.

You might not even realize it but some people live by a completely different schedule than most of society. They have found an effective way to squeeze more hours out of the day. The Makers schedule is a good way to effectively get two work days within one, nearly doubling your working capacity. Most people are living on the managers schedule, or no schedule at all. Consider which schedule you live on.

Think about how you are using your time, and how you may be using others time. Time is very valuable and it is something that we never get back.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca

Big Sky: Big Mountain, Big Skiing, Big Fun

If you have never been to Montana, don’t go! Let me and my friends enjoy the endless beauty of the Rocky Mountains all to ourselves. I’m kidding of course, but Montana is the USA’s best kept secret. The mountains are the calling card, but the people are key to making it feel like home.

This winter was a hootin’ hollering’ good time. I got to ski everyday while earning a meager wage, the chosen life of a ski bum. On my off days I would explore the mountain with new friends. Shack hunting was a great time everyday because the locals who you encounter would always be a positive smiling face. The community in Big Sky is like nothing I have ever seen. Lone peak is huge, but not many people are pass holders. This allows a tight knit local community to flourish in-between the tourists and millionaires that keep the place afloat.

If you are looking for a great ski vacation, look no further than Big Sky because they have every type of terrain. A beginner area is available at both base areas, but most people come for the big mountain skiing. The steeps can be accessed via the Challenger or Headwaters lifts, and the Lone Peak tram takes you to the top for 360 degree views. Skiing or snowboarding off the summit requires some expertise, but beginners can ride the tram up just for a picture and then ride down. They also have two terrain parks for those looking to “shred the gnar”.

Even when there is no new snow, the wind can blow snow from surrounding areas and provide soft snow. Just ask ski patrol and their avalanche dogs where the skiing is the best and they will point you in the right direction! Big Sky is located an hour from Bozeman where you can fly into.

There are never any lift lines except for maybe Christmas, but when you are away from the base area it feels like you never see anyone else. Hotels at the base area are very swanky and have ski-and-stay packages, but there are lower priced options elsewhere. If you have a large group, consider renting a ski-in ski-out house or hillside condo.

Come one, come all, Big Sky will not disappoint!