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Review: Columbia TurboDown Vest

Review: Columbia TurboDown Vest

I recently got my TurboDown vest from Columbia Sportswear and I love it!

It is the prefect blend of style and comfort for me. The normal TurboDown seemed to make me hot all over if I wore it in any weather above freezing. The vest is perfect, and without sleeves it is great for keeping my core warm without overheating. The combination of down and synthetic material creates a warm pocket without being too puffy. It also has pockets for your hands when the cold is too much.turbodown vest

I got an XL which is slightly big for me, but the bottom has adjustable cords that allow me to cinch it tight around my waist. I like the length of the XL so that was why I got it.

It goes perfectly for any occasion and like I mentioned before it doesn’t make me sweat. Today I took a nap in it instead of using a blanket. It works great for any situation! Thanks Columbia for making a great product that I can use all the time.columbia-logo


One thought on “Review: Columbia TurboDown Vest

3Up BethPosted on  8:28 pm - Jan 26, 2015

Oooh… I might need to get a TurboDown vest. Yesterday in the shade I was too warm in my TurboDown + baselayer but too cold in just the baselayer…a vest would have been perfect!

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